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Application Missteps: How to Navigate and Rectify

Updated: Jun 23

You've double-checked, maybe even triple-checked, your application. You diligently combed through every detail and confidently hit' submit.' But spot an error in your already submitted application.

Will this tiny error derail your college aspirations? Is all hope lost?

Let me set your mind at ease: the answer is often a resounding "No!"

Humans error. And you're not the only one who's found themselves in this predicament. You certainly won't be the last. But the crucial question remains: What's the next step?

For those who've sent off an early action or early decision application – first off, kudos! Celebrate the dedication it took to get here. But if a creeping realization of an error has set in (maybe a mis-clicked option – yes, technology can be pesky), know there's often a path to resolution.

Here's a step-by-step guide to get back on track:

Keep Calm and Breathe: This is paramount. A flustered mind won't serve you well. Take a moment, inhale deeply, and regain your composure.

Revisit Your Submitted Documents: If you've used platforms like the Common App, you can retrieve the PDF version of your sent application. It's essential to pinpoint which schools received the flawed application. Thoroughly check each submitted document for missteps.

Reach Out to the Admission Office: Considering the hustle and bustle of the admission season, a direct phone call is often your best bet. Emails might get buried. When calling, account for time zones and be courteous. Inquire about the procedure to amend an error - solutions might differ depending on the college or the nature of the mistake.

Implement Their Guidance: Follow the provided directions to rectify your error. Once done, take another breath. Your college journey is very much still on course.

Pro-tip: Amending an error on your Common App won't affect your previously submitted applications. That's why it's crucial to undertake the aforementioned steps. However, any corrections made will ensure that future submissions remain error-free.

In sum, remember that everyone makes mistakes. What defines us is how we address and learn from them. Your college journey is about growth, and this is just a small bump along the way.

You've Got This! Always, Alicia

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