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BrainFrame is an innovative leader in cognitive and processing enhancement in the United States.


BrainFrame measures individual cognitive performance through a comprehensive skills assessment (CSA). The results allow us to identify specific weaknesses and customize an individualized one-on-one training plan, which will strengthen these weak cognitive skills to perform better in school, sports, and life! When learning is easier, life is easier. How we learn impacts every area of life: school, sports, career, relationships, everyday tasks, and leisure activities. If someone you love is struggling in school, work, or life, the problem may not be their lack of brainpower, but how their brain processes incoming information.

Our One-On-One Cognitive Training Turns

At The Core Edge Prep, we believe student empowerment comes from within. Locked inside every student is the potential to succeed. Our job is to empower independent learners by unlocking their potential. Our innovative BrainFrame program was founded with an ambitious spirit and a determined objective to provide students in the DFW area with the opportunity to strengthen not only their cognitive, but also their physical and mental health as well.

Struggling Students

The Core Edge Prep identifies weak skills through comprehensive cognitive skills testing and designs an individualized program to strengthen them.

High Achieving Students

BrainFrame maximizes already strong learning skills through practice and repetition.

School-Age Students

BrainFrame identifies and trains hidden weaknesses before they can hinder learning and create frustration.

Career Adults

Cognitive skills do not always “catch up” with time. Children who struggle grow into adults who struggle. BrainFrame strengthens skills at any age.

College Students

Strong cognitive skills are foundational to learning at every age, especially in the fast-paced college environment.

Sports-Related Brain Trauma

We help improve the cognitive performance of athletes who have suffered brain trauma. Our programs target and train skills that are critical for memory, attention, processing speed, logic & reasoning, and more.

If you experience difficulty or struggle with any of the following areas, please consider one-on-one cognitive enhancement with BrainFrame cognitive training:

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Poor Grades 

Auditory Processing 



Working Memory  

Processing Speed    

Accessing Math Facts


Social Challenges

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Finishing Assignments

Problem Solving

Memory Retention

Reading Comprehension

Paying Attention

Learning Disabilities

Struggling Students   

Athletes / Sports-Related Brain Trauma 

A friend recommended The Core Edge as their BrainFrame program drastically improved their child’s academic performance. 
We were hesitant at first, but after meeting Alicia and her staff along with calling multiple past clients who raved about the program, we signed up.
The changes in my child have been nothing short of miraculous… a completely different,
happier kid who has gained so much confidence and success, making the honor roll for the first time ever in school was a great achievement!


Highland Park, Parent, 2022



Diagnostic Assessment

The BrainFrame diagnostic assessment is a testing tool that informs clinicians, teachers, and parents about performance on tasks that measures:

  1. Working Memory

  2. Processing Speed

  3. Visual Processing

  4. Auditory Processing

  5. Logic & Reasoning

  6. Word Attack Skills

  7. Dominance

  8. Digit Recall

  9. Balance & Agility

Executive Function: The Brain’s Manager

Executive function acts as a personal manager. It monitors our highest level of awareness and control. It is needed to help us mentally talk ourselves through problems and to monitor and guide our decisions. It facilitates our ability to direct and sustain attention, allowing us to inhibit reactions and restrain responses. It helps us to plan long-term projects, manage and complete homework, and strategize.

Working & Long-Term Memory: What The Brain Retains

Working & long-term memory are vital skills for students and working adults. Working memory is crucial for all learning. It is a system for temporarily storing and managing information required to carry out complex cognitive tasks such as learning, reasoning, and comprehension. Long-term memory is the ability to recall past information and fluently retrieve it later in the process of thinking.

Attention Skills: Keep the Brain Focused & On Task

Strong attention skills allow us to pay attention over long periods and help us block out distractions. When attention skills are trained and strengthened, studying and paying attention in class, on the field, or within your career, become much easier, and performance is enhanced.

Auditory Processing: What The Brain Hears

How we function is highly dependent on our listening skills. The auditory processing system works closely with the parts of the brain that regulate attention, energy, emotions, language, balance, thinking, and learning. Weakness in this system can impact speech, reading, communication, organization, learning, attention, energy, and overall well-being.

Processing Speed: How Quickly The Brain Thinks

Processing speed is the speed at which the brain processes information. A high processing speed helps students read faster, improves awareness of one's surroundings, and helps enhance motor skills used in driving and sports.

Visual Processing: What The Brain Sees

Visual processing is the ability to think about and understand visual information. It helps us to create mental pictures faster and more vividly. Strong visual processing skills help us interpret and solve math word problems, read maps, utilize day planners, and improve reading comprehension skills.

Logic & Reasoning: How The Brain Thinks Critically

Logic and reasoning skills allow us to reason, plan, and think. These skills help us to organize, see patterns and relationships, solve

problems, and strategize. Logic and reasoning skills are crucial for higher-level comprehension, test-taking, and executive function.

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