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Empowering Knowledge

Academic tutoring evolves beyond its role as simple educational assistance when combined with a dedicated team and a robust support system.

Elite Academic Tutoring

At The Core Edge Prep, our dedication goes beyond boosting academic achievements like daily grades, homework, and test scores. We also focus on nurturing unshakable confidence in our students. This element is crucial for those who manage a heavy workload, various extracurriculars, family responsibilities, and a vibrant social life.

Unfortunately, not every student starts with innate confidence. Some may harbor feelings of failure or inadequacy due to low grades, exam results, or self-esteem issues. However, through our personalized tutoring approach, The Core Edge Prep excels not only in improving academic performance but also in fostering renewed self-belief in each student. We firmly believe that academic success and self-assurance are intertwined, empowering our students to overcome challenges and embrace their full potential.

How We Do It 

We assess each student’s skills and learning styles.


We listen to students, their families, teachers, and school counselors. 


We bring our knowledge of each subject and experience to the table and teach, practice, teach, we direct students toward more effective study methods and mastery of difficult concepts.


We streamline material while reducing the intimidation factor of exams and the ever-increasing loads of schoolwork.


Once armed with increased knowledge and winning strategies, students are then able to confidently face tougher and more significant exams, taxing assignments such as research papers, and the looming challenge of college.

Subject Tutoring

Arithmetic Algebra I-IV / AP

Geometry / AP

Trigonometry / AP

Pre-Calculus / AP

Calculus / AP






United States / AP

European / AP






Biology / AP

Chemistry / AP

Physics / AP



Spanish I-V / AP

French I-V / AP

When students have less to fear, they become academically EMPOWERED!

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