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College Admissions Consulting

The Core Edge Prep college consultants help students tackle the often confusing and stressful process of college admissions.

About College Admissions 

For the past twenty years, Alicia and her team have worked with National Merit Scholars, valedictorians, students with challenging cases, uneven transcripts, or those students with learning differences. Whether they are straight-A students with stellar resumes, replete with community service and extracurricular activities, or striving students with a story to tell, The Core Edge Prep's College Admissions experts help students find and apply to colleges that meet their academic, social, and emotional needs along with their spiritual beliefs and financial budgets. 

The Core Edge Prep's College Admissions Consulting Services

We provide elite comprehensive college consulting services to guide high school students navigating the complicated college admissions process.

'Students work directly with Alicia and her team on: 

  • Pre-College Planning

  • Career & Major Exploration

  • Developing a College List

  • Time Management

  • College Application Essays

  • Resume

  • Application Review & Completion

  • Scholarships

We are committed to working alongside students, their parents, and school college counselors in each phase of the college admissions process.

Responding to the essential need for greater understanding and access to colleges, Alicia and her team offer a range of services from test preparation, selecting a major, career assessment and college selection, to essay and interview preparation, along with application packaging. 


Our college admission process can help students and their families understand their position better and determine what is most important to their college experience. Whether their best match is a small liberal arts college, a large research university, a highly selective Ivy League school, a college that balances academics and faith, or a performing arts conservatory, the goal is to identify and gain admission into the ideal school where each student will thrive academically and personally.

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