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The Core Edge Prep Difference

Students collaborating with The Core Edge Prep receive holistic academic, mental, and emotional support. Our team is committed to equipping students with the necessary skills to accomplish both success and a sense of empowerment.

Empowering Courage in Real Time

“I was blown away by Alicia’s innate ability to analyze my sons, communicate with them, and encourage them. She's brilliant, personable, and lovingly frank." - Highland Park Parent, 2019-23



Alicia M. Sigur - Owner/Founder

In 2004, recognizing the need for a guiding light on this turbulent journey, Alicia Sigur founded The Core Edge Prep, a safe space of inspiration where teens are empowered to unlock their true potential.

An ambassador of hope and courage, she is not just an advisor, teacher, and life coach; she is a mentor, a leader, and a champion of personal empowerment, guiding each individual toward their potential. As a Certified Co-Active Life and Leadership Coach, Alicia cultivates vulnerability and resilience. Her work as a Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ facilitator helps individuals embrace their true selves, while her role as a Certified IMAGE Life Coach enhances self-esteem and fosters deep self-discovery. Committed to inclusivity, her DEI certification underscores her dedication to creating spaces that welcome all voices. Further enriching her coaching arsenal, Alicia is the creator of BrainFrame, a processing and cognitive enhancement program that not only elevates academic achievement, it changes lives. 


The essence of Alicia, Nicole, and The Core Edge Prep team, along with Alicia's life coaching practice, imparts invaluable skills that promise to impact her clients' lives. Through empathy and insights gleaned from various life challenges, she guides her clients to navigate their complex worlds adeptly. She instills a profound belief that they are courageous, whole, capable, and ready for growth and transformation from the moment they begin.

Explore The Core Edge Prep
 A Guided Tour

Discover Our Approach

Take a virtual journey through The Core Edge Prep and uncover how our tailored programs, expert tutors, and personalized guidance empower students to excel academically and beyond.

Personalized Programs

Elite Instructors

We collaborate with students and families to customize our curriculum, ensuring it efficiently aligns with individual needs and goals. Monitoring student progress, we adapt teaching methods accordingly. Our close partnership with families supports students aiming for better study habits, improved grades, enhanced cognitive abilities, and higher test scores. Our team helps students achieve short and long-term educational goals through services like Elite Tutoring, Test Preparation, Admissions Guidance, College Advising, and our BrainFrame program for cognitive enhancement.

The Core Edge Prep merges tutoring with academic coaching to focus on students' emotional well-being, recognizing it as the realm where significant progress occurs. Through skilled instructors, we foster essential abilities, motivating students to excel in test preparation and academics. Simultaneously, we evaluate their approach to assignments, fostering a positive connection between coursework and their real-world experiences.


One Size Does Not Fit All!

Elite Tailored Instruction = Remarkable Results

We evaluate students' conceptual understanding, test-taking abilities, study habits, and cognitive skills to create a personalized plan for improvement. After the assessment, each student is matched with a qualified instructor and a program tailored to their needs. Our instructors are genuinely invested in each student's success, focusing on academic excellence in various areas. Whether it's enhancing test scores, addressing cognitive challenges, excelling in school subjects, or navigating college planning and applications, our instructors customize lessons to boost skills, confidence, and overall enjoyment of learning.

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