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Private School Admissions


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How We Support Families:

The Core Edge Prep will assist you in navigating the Dallas private school admissions process and is capable of assisting any family who needs help with admissions, applications, and essays.

The Core Edge Prep has been guiding families since 2004 and has successfully aided numerous students in gaining admission into the private school(s) of their choice. We only work with a select number of clients per year to give them our full attention. Alicia and her team work individually with each family to assist and plan for their student’s acceptance success.

Acquiring a coveted seat for your student in a top private school of your family’s choosing is never guaranteed, but hard work, determination, and creating a solid resume packet for your student and family will distinguish you from other candidates. We will assist you in holistically building your family’s authentic narrative to give your student the best opportunity for their ultimate success.

Secure a pivotal edge in the competitive world of school admissions


  • Navigating the Admissions Labyrinth with Expertise: The path to elite private school acceptance is complex. Alicia and her team, with their profound grasp of the admissions intricacies, illuminate this path, guiding you to move forward with assurance.

  • Unlocking School Preferences: Our intimate knowledge of elite institutions' unique criteria enables us to craft your application to echo exactly what they seek, significantly elevating your acceptance prospects.

  • Alleviating Stress: Entrust us with the burdensome details of the admissions process to focus on what truly matters. Our partnership not only streamlines your journey but also safeguards family peace during potentially stressful times.

  • Crafting a Distinguished Profile: Beyond mere application filling, we strategize to enhance your profile, advising on extracurriculars and initiatives that resonate with admissions committees, setting you apart from the crowd.

  • Ensuring Timeliness and Precision: With our vigilant management, every application facet is refined and submitted within deadlines, ensuring your candidacy shines.

  • Providing Candid, Focused Guidance: Our allegiance is to your aspirations. Free from any institutional biases, our advice is tailored, transparent, and aimed solely at your admission success.

Choosing The Core Edge Prep is more than selecting a consultant;

it’s an investment in a strategic partnership that enhances your application, unlocks your full potential, and charts a course for empowering your educational and lifelong success. Embark on this journey with us; let’s open the doors to prestigious learning institutions and lay the foundation for a bright future.

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