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Empowering Your Life's Purpose

Investing time and money in understanding your life’s purpose NOW, as early as high school, can pay big dividends down the road. It’s less expensive than having to go back to school later to get a different degree! Sometimes, the demands of academics can cloud the bigger picture—how does your education support your vision of who you want to become?

We specialize in helping teens understand their life’s purpose and how to empower them to pursue it. 

Life Discovery centers its work on IMAGE (Intrinsic Motivation Assessment Guide & Evaluation), a personal assessment tool that examines intrinsic motivation. IMAGE has helped guide students and individuals on their unique journey through life as they relate to situations, problems, and opportunities. Individuals maximize their potential to live a fulfilled life by focusing on intrinsic motivation. 

Consider how the following arenas often create pressures to conform: Advertising, Education, Media, Church, Workplace, Home, or Politics. Usually, in each of these areas of life, certain characteristics are identified as a good or right fit, and everybody else is encouraged, if not expected, to adapt to this pattern. Society becomes an assembly line turning out plastic widgets, trying to make each widget like the others.  This approach is wrong!

We were created as unique individuals, and we all respond to life differently. In order to move from an attitude of mere survival to a life of significance in which we thrive; we need to understand, embrace, and maximize our uniqueness. Intrinsic motivations are one avenue for looking at our uniqueness. We understand intrinsic motivations as inward drivers that strongly influence the way we respond to people, situations, problems, and opportunities in the world. IMAGE (Intrinsic Motivation Assessment Guide & Evaluation) is a tool developed by Life Discovery to help our clients discover how intrinsic motivations impact their lives and the way they respond to the world around them.

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