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10 Essential Truths Every Parent Should Know About the College Admissions Journey

Updated: Jun 23

1. Be Prepared for Changing Minds:

Expect your child to reconsider their ideal college and major multiple times during high school. What appeals to them as freshmen may evolve by senior year, so stay flexible and open-minded.

2. Colleges Adjust Over Time:

The college experience today may differ significantly from your own. Remember that what was right for you in the past may not align with your child's needs and preferences.

3. The Power of Visiting:

If financially feasible, encourage your child to visit colleges. Campus visits offer invaluable insights into a college's atmosphere. Sometimes, a visit can change your child's perspective significantly, positively or negatively.

4. Visit During the School Year:

While visiting during the academic year is challenging, it's worth the effort. College campuses feel different when classes are in session, providing a more accurate sense of campus life.

5. Revisiting Matters:

Consider revisiting colleges to ensure your initial impressions hold. Senior year is busy, but it's the perfect time to confirm your child's comfort with their choices.

6. The Tour Guide Makes a Difference:

The quality of your tour guide can greatly influence your perception of a college. Don't hesitate to revisit if your tour guide doesn't meet your expectations.

7. Not Every Visit Will Be Perfect:

Not all college visits will leave a positive impression. Some may be disappointed, but these experiences help your child clarify their preferences and make informed decisions.

8. Finish Visits Early:

Try to complete all visits by November 1st, especially if your child is considering colleges with Early Decision or Early Action deadlines.

9. Expect Tense Moments:

The college application process can be stressful and lead to disagreements with your child. Stay supportive and available; they will turn to you for guidance.

10. Respect Their Aspirations:

Ultimately, your child's happiness is paramount. While you can offer advice, let them make the final decisions about where to apply. Their choices should align with their dreams and goals, not yours.

You've Got This! Always, Alicia

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