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"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."

– Zig Ziglar

Getting to Know the ACT

The ACT is a college admissions exam used by nearly all colleges and universities to make admissions decisions with the goal of quantifying a high school student’s readiness for college. The exam provides colleges with one conventional data point that can be utilized to evaluate all applicants.  

College admissions representatives examine each student's ACT test scores in conjunction with a student’s high school GPA, classes/class rigor of subjects completed in high school, letters of recommendation from teachers and school college counselors, extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays. The significance of the ACT test scores in the college application process varies from school to school. However, in most instances, the higher you score on the ACT, the more opportunities you will have for an acceptance letter and receiving scholarships for college. 

Understanding the test: 

Test Length: 2 hours 55 minutes

(plus 40 minutes if taking the ACT with writing, 215 multiple-choice questions)

  • Cost: $60.00 without writing, $85.00 with writing.

  • Highest ACT Score: 36

  • National Average ACT Score: 21

How is the ACT scored?

  • English- 1-36

  • Reading- 1-36

  • Math- 1-36

  • Science – 1-36

  • Each section of the ACT is scored on a 1-36 point scale. Your composite ACT score is the average of your four section scores, which is also scored on a scale from 1-36.

If you choose to take the ACT with Writing Test, you will receive a separate score on that section. 

The ACT is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test created and administered by ACT.ORG.

ENGLISH: (1-36 points)

  • 45 minutes          

  • 75 multiple-choice questions

  • Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and rhetorical skills  

MATH: (1-36 points)

  • 60 minutes 

  • 60 multiple-choice questions  

  • Algebra I and II, geometry, and trigonometry 

READING: (1-36 points)

  • 35 minutes

  • 40 multiple-choice questions 

  • Four passages: prose fiction, social studies, humanities, and natural sciences 10 questions per passage

SCIENCE: (1-36 points)

  •  35 minutes 

  • 40 multiple choice questions

  • Questions on science-based passages presented with graphs, charts, tables, and research summaries

WRITING: (Optional)

  •  One 40-minute essay             

  • Some colleges may require that you complete the ACT writing test. You can confirm each college’s admissions policies on their college website

2024-2025 ACT Testing Dates

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